You’ve Reached Sam pdf By Dustin Thao

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You’ve Reached Sam pdf is a novel that was writed by Dustin Thao.

Youve Reached Sam pdf By Dustin Thao
You’ve Reached Sam pdf By Dustin Thao


The second I close my eyes, the memories play, and I find myself back at the beginning.

A few leaves roll in as he enters the bookstore. He wears a denim jacket, with the sleeves pushed up, a white sweater underneath. It’s the third time he’s come in since I started working here two weeks ago. His name is Sam Obayashi, the boy from my English class. I’ve been staring out the window throughout my shift, wondering if he’d come in again. For some reason, we haven’t spoken to each other yet. He just browses the store as I ring up customers and restock the shelves.

I can’t tell if he’s looking for something. Or if he likes that feeling of being inside a bookstore. Or if he came to see me.

As I move a book from the shelf, wondering if he knows my name, I catch the glint of brown eyes through the gap, looking back at me from the other side. We’re silent for a moment too long. Then he smiles, and I think he’s about to say something—but I shove the book between us before he has the chance.

I grab the crate beside me and hurry to the back room. What’s wrong with me? Why didn’t I smile back? After scolding myself for ruining the moment, I gather some courage to go back out and introduce myself. But when I return from the back room, he’s already gone.

You’ve Reached Sam pdf

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Book info

Book Title: You’ve Reached Sam pdf         
Author: Dustin Thao
Category: Novel
Language: English
Pages: 256 Pages

Download You’ve Reached Sam pdf

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