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Proven priciples for creating the life of your dreals, with this book!

How to make the most of this book This is your life:

If you don’t already have a journal, it would be a great idea to get one. It has been said that a life worth living is worth recording. Journals don’t need to be elaborate. A simple spiral notebook works just fine. It’s like keeping a diary. You just want a place where you can record your thoughts, observations and feelings, a place to write your dreams, your goals and your plans. Many people write in their journals every day, although that’s not necessary.

“This book is power perfect!. When the student is ready . . . Thank
you, thank you.”

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One of the great things about keeping journals is being able to go back through the years. I’ve been doing this for almost ten years now and I love periodically reading my journals from the years past. It’s inspiring to see how far I’ve come and to realize how many of my dreams have come true. Throughout this book there are exercises. Please do them. Write them in your journal or at least somewhere in a book. As I said earlier, these principles work, but only if you use them.

I suggest you read through the entire book. Then, go back and invest some time doing the exercises. This is where the real benefit lies. You can read all the books ever written but if you don’t put the ideas into practice, nothing will change. Most of us already know what to do. The question is are we doing it?

Title: This is your life ot a dress REHEARSAL
Author: Jim Donovan
Language: English
Pages: 130 Pages
ISBN: 0-9650534-2-3

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