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The Big Silver Book of Russian Verbs is intended for use with all major Russian language textbooks in any course from the first through the fourth years, or separately as a reference for independent study. This book is comprised of verbs from the most popular textbooks in use today, as well as reflecting frequency usage in contemporary Russian. The aim of this book is to provide students with a single reference that they can turn to for questions on conjugation, stems, collocations, and usage.

I am grateful to the following professors for their efforts in promoting Russian, and those who provided me the foundation and inspiration to write this book: Ronni Gordon, David Stillman, Jean Rose, Norma Barr, William Lewis, Gerald Earvin, Sophia Lubensky, Benjamin Rifkin, Thomas Garza, Charles McDowell, Nina Aleksandrovna Lubimova, and Anto Knezevic. I would like to express my appreciation to two colleagues who typed large portions of this manuscript: Stephanie Rodriguez and John S. Holsonbach.

The big silver book of Russian verbs
The big silver book of Russian verbs

Numerous references were consulted in the preparation of this book. These include:

  • The Russian Verb: Prepositional and Non-Prepositional Government (Andreyeva Georg and Tolmachova, Moscow: Russky yazyk Publishers, 1983) was used for verbal government.
  • Fundamentals of Russian Verbal Government for Students and Teachers (Thomas J. Garza, Dubuque, Iowa: Kendall/Hunt Publishing, 1994) was incorporated for the Jackobsonian one-stem verbal stem system.
  • Complete Handbook of Russian Verbs (L.I. Pirogova, Lincolnwood, Illinois: Passport Books, 1995) served as a basis to simplify Russian verbal conjugations into six classes and irregular verbs.
  • Bol’shoi Tolkovyj Slovar’ Russkogo Yazyka (S.A. Kuznetsov, St. Petersburg: Norint, 1998) provided numerous contemporary examples and usage in the modern, post-soviet Russian language.
  • Russian-English Dictionary of Idioms (Sophia Lubensky, New York: Random House, 1995) was used to verify the collocations and phraseology of many of the idioms.
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I would also like to thank my agent, Danielle Jatlow, at Waterside Productions.

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