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Strega Nona PDF for free By Tomie dePaola 2023

Download Strega Nona PDF

Strega Nona pdf an original tale written and illustrated by Tomie dePaola is a classic children’s book. It tells a tale of a young boy who gets himself into a difficult situation because he didn’t heed the warning of his elder. Find out what happens to Big Anthony and how Strega Nona handles it.

Strega Nona is one of my All-Time favorite books. Even as a kid, I read it over and over. I love this book dearly!

Strega Nona PDF Tomie dePaola
Strega Nona PDF Tomie dePaola

Though she didn’t want any learning involved, yet such was Strega Nona’s magic that she happily did all her worksheets.

About Author Tomie dePaola

Tomie dePaola (September 15, 1934 – March 30, 2020), American author and illustrator who created more than 260 children’s books including THE CAT ON THE DOVREFELL and QUIET, in addition to his classic STREGA NONA.

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strega nona book
strega nona book
Strega Nona picture 1
Strega Nona picture 2

This book use to make hungry for pasta!

Book info

Book Title: Strega Nona
Author: Tomie dePaola
Publishers: Simon & Schuster
Category: Books Children
Language: English
Pages: 40 Pages

Download Strega Nona PDF

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