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Let’s Go Picture Dicitonary

Let’s Go Picture Dicitonary Monolingual PDF

The Let’s Go Picture Dictionary is a full-color, topic-based dictionary for children, designed to complement the seven- level Let’s Go course. The Picture Dictionary presents the words from the Let’s Go series, plus other high-frequency vocabulary, in situations that are universal to children everywhere.

Like its parent course, the Let’s Go Picture Dictionary features a unique question-and-answer approach that helps students develop productive language skills as they build their vocabulary. The Picture Dictionary can be used as a supplement to the Let’s Go series or independently. Either way, the Dictionary functions as a valuable reference guide to English.

Let’s Go Picture Dicitonary Monolingual (Cover):

Let's Go Picture Dicitonary 2
Let’s Go Picture Dicitonary Monolingual

Some pictures from this book: Let’s Go Picture Dicitonary Monolingual PDF

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Let's Go Picture Dicitonary 4
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