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Today I’m finally going to be doing a book review, and today I’m going to be reviewing and discussing the novel IT book by Stephen King.
So basically, since my Stephen King book collection everyone asked where is It book, i literally got comments daily where is IT? Have you read it?

It Stephen King PDF free download
It Stephen King PDF free download

Download stephen king it full book

I flew through this book Stephen King it full book in the span of about a week. I feel like I could write an entire essay of my thoughts on it.

It was not my favorite King book I’ve read so far. However, I do think it’s the most impressive example of his classic tropes and strengths as a writer: hidden evil lurking beneath a small town, the imagination of adolescence, the bridge between adulthood and childhood, and King’s almost effortless ability to make every character flesh and bone rather than just words on a page, even if we only read from that character’s point of view for a single chapter.

First and foremost, It is a story about friendship and childhood. King really does excel at writing complex, realistic kid characters. Each of the Losers is invaluable. You can’t help but become invested in them, in their insecurities and bravery and love for each other. It was joyful and terrifying to watch them grow up, and I left the book with a deep-rooted love for all seven of them. They’re what make this book worth reading.

Though It is arguably Stephen King’s most famous horror story (and don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of scenes that leave you within the range of uneasy to horrified) I would argue that to classify it only as horror would be doing it a disservice. To me, the real reason this book has become a staple in the genre is its ability to make you feel like a child again. Everything that goes bump in the night feels like a real threat when you’re a kid, and It knows exactly how to prey on those simple childhood fears. It scared me less than it reminded me of how big the world used to be when I was eleven.

It Stephen King review
It Stephen King review
It Stephen King picture 1
It Stephen King picture 1

Stephen King it book

I’ll be the first to say that It is far from perfect (I think we can all agree that there was more than one scene that should’ve been cut altogether) but I still felt a loss when I reached the end. This is a complex, powerful book, and it is undoubtedly worth the 1,000+ page investment.

It Stephen King info

  • Title: It
  • Author: Stephen King
  • Pages: 1242 Pages
  • Categories: Novel
  • Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
  • Language: English

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