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If someone were to ask me what book has left the biggest impact on me, I would say this book without a doubt. I could go on and on expressing just how much this book has impacted and touched me in every aspect. It displays domestic abuse in such a raw and devastating way that you truly feel every emotion. Every ounce of pain. Every ounce of betrayal.

Colleen Hoover did such an outstanding job having us all fall deeply in love with Ryle only for him to rip us all apart, just how he did Lily. We fall in love, then have our hearts destroyed and broken into a million pieces. Yet, in the end, our hearts are pieced back together.

This book surfaces such an important part of life and it carries us along Lily’s unimaginably painful journey out of her worst nightmare. I cannot express every thought and emotion that I have tied to this book. To put it simply, it is the book that will forever have an impact on me.

“Sometimes the one who loves you the most is the one who hurts you the most”. Lily meets Ryle Kincaid after moving to Boston to start a new life, with her new business. She left her old life behind, including her first true love, Atlas. Here in Boston, Lily starts over.

That includes meeting someone new, Ryle Kincaid. Lily and Ryle’s relationship intensifies and it seems as though they are the absolute perfect fit for one another. He is everything she could have ever wanted and more. But, one day it all changed.

In one single moment, everything they have ever built together was utterly destroyed. All of the love, the trust, the memories, meant nothing anymore. How could they ever be the same? As Lily rebuilds her life after facing the unimaginable, her past finds a way back into her life. Her past meaning her past love. Atlas Corrigan. Maybe after all of these years, all of this heartbreak and pain, they were meant to find their way back. It Ends With Us review.

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It Ends With Us Colleen Hoover pdf
It Ends With Us Colleen Hoover pdf

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