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It’s customary for an author to thank all the people who helped him with his book. But since this is an autobiography, I want to begin by thanking some of the people who helped me with my life—my true friends who stuck by me when my world was falling apart: Bishop Ed Broderick, Bill Curran, Vic Damone, Alejandro deTomaso, Bill Fugazy, Frank Klotz, Walter Murphy, Bill Winn, and Gio, my barber. Also my doctor, James Barron, who helped me keep mind and body together.

I want to thank the gang that came out of cozy retirement to give me a hand at Chrysler—Paul Bergmoser, Don DeLaRossa, Gar Laux, Hans Matthias, and John Naughton—and the young Turks like Jerry Greenwald, Steve Miller, Leo Kelmenson, and Ron DeLuca, who left good and secure jobs to pitch in and help save a dying company.

In my thirty-eight years in the auto business, I was blessed with three secretaries who really made me look good. The first was Betty Martin, a woman so talented she made many of the Ford officers look bad by comparison. The second, Dorothy Carr, left Ford the day I was fired and came over to Chrysler out of sheer loyalty, even though she put her pension in jeopardy. And the third, my present secretary, Bonnie Gatewood, a veteran Chrysler employee, ranks right up there with them.

I am grateful to my old friends from Ford, those precious few who stayed my friends during the dark days: Calvin Beauregard, Hank Carlini, Jay Dugan, Matt McLaughlin, John Morrissey, Wes Small, Hal Sperlich, and Frank Zimmerman.

I want to thank Nessa Rapoport, my editor, who made sure this book would have no recalls; the people at Bantam Books who worked so hard, particularly Jack Romanos, Stuart Applebaum, Heather Florence, Alberto Vitale, and Lou Wolfe; and my invaluable collaborator, William Novak.

And, it goes without saying, my daughters, Kathi and Lia, who were really my whole life and still are

Iacocca an Autobiography Lee Iacocca with William Novak

“Lee Iacocca is an American hero.… Iacocca’s candid analysis of what is right and wrong with the auto industry, big labor, government, and America is insightful and refreshing … Iacocca provides readers with an unusual insight … into the inner workings of one of modern America’s great characters.” —Philadelphia Inquirer

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  1. I have enjoyed this book thoroughly. It’s a masterpiece. Every young person 20 to 35 must read it. It will give u unwavering faith as what an individual’s efforts can do. This is d BEST!

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