Dark Matter book by Blake Crouch 2023

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Hello everyone! Welcome to library Alyusr. In today’s article we’re going to be talking about Dark Matter book By Blake Crouch. So what is the premise for Dark Matter.

Dark Matter book by Blake Crouch
Dark Matter book by Blake Crouch

Well we follow a manJason who gets abducted, and when he wakes up he appears to be in the same universe things appear to be pretty similar, but his wife isn’t his wife, his son was never born, and instead of a college professor he is now a celebrated physicist.

So the questions become: What’s real? What’s not real? How did things change and can he change them back?

Pictures from book

Dark Matter book picture 1
Dark Matter book picture 2

Book info

Book Title: Dark Matter book
Author: Blake Crouch
Category: Novel
Language: English
Pages: 324 Pages

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