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Congratulations! In picking up Questions For Dummies, you are about to embark on a Answering Tough Interview journey that transforms you into the kind of high-calibre candidate who has employers fighting to hire you. Perhaps you are on the lookout for your first job or trying to return to work. Maybe you are a seasoned executive trying to climb further up the corporate ladder of success.

Or perhaps you have been foxed by tough interview questions in the past and simply want to know the secret to passing them with flying colours. Whatever your situation, this book is aimed at you. While not rocket science, interviewing can still be darned hard work.

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Interviewers use all manner of weird and wonderful questions and techniques designed to catch candidates out. And I should know – I’ve interviewed candidates on behalf of employers ranging from investment banks and insurance companies to IT companies and airlines.

And I’ve travelled up and down the country, observing interviewers in organisations as diverse as advertising and media companies, bailiffs, funeral homes, and private detective agencies.

Although everyone can get better at interviews, you need to invest a bit of hard work in making it happen. With that in mind, I assure you that absolutely anyone can improve their interview performance by leaps and bounds by understanding the rules of the interviewing game.

Enjoy working your way through this book. And good luck in your next job interview!

About this book Answering Tough Interview Questions 

In this book, I pack in everything I’ve discovered over the years about what interviewers want to hear, plus lessons about the most common mistakes that candidates commit and, of course, advice on how to avoid them. But I’ve designed this book so that you can use it as a source of reference. You don’t need to read it sequentially from Chapter 1 onwards.

You may find it most useful to start with Part I, though. These chapters cover topics such as how to research a company and then, once you land an interview, how to use your body language and tone of voice to make the best possible impact with what you actually talk about. I recommend that you at least skim through Chapter 2 on how to research a company, because probably the most important factor in succeeding at interviews is to tailor all your answers to what each particular set of interviewers is looking for.

Some pictures from this book Answering Tough Interview Questions PDF for dummies:

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Title: Answering Tough Interview Questions
Author: Rob Yeung
Language: English

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