simmer is a process-oriented and trajectory-based discrete-event simulation (des) package for r. designed to be a generic framework like simpy or simjulia , it leverages the power of rcpp to boost the performance and turning des in r feasible. as a noteworthy characteristic, simmer exploits the concept of trajectory: a common path in the simulation model for entities of the same type. it is pretty flexible and simple to use, and leverages the chaining/piping workflow introduced by the magrittr package.

mailing list

for bugs and/or issues, create a new issue on github. for other questions or comments, please subscribe to the simmer-devel mailing list

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documentation is available at . to get started, please explore our vignettes online , or in r:



install the release version from cran:



the installation from github requires the remotes package.




please note that the package contains some c++ code and thus you need a development environment to build the package (e.g., rtools for windows).

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